Not a Salesman

13 Feb

After feeling sluggish and indifferent out on the sales field today, I came across this word of encouragement via my twitter feed thanks to Jeff Goins and Blaine Hogan.

 [full article]

It’s an empowering message that applies to what I do in both business and in personal matters. Many days I get so caught up with sales numbers and corporate jargon, I fail to craft the art of relationship and rapport.

Furthermore, I overlook emotions when I sell.  I become cold and processed.

This simple message displayed above reconnects the nerves within me and allows blood to flow to the heart of why I love doing my job.  Interacting with people, relating stories, and meeting needs are reasons why I do what I do. It’s difficult to see beyond the trivial in a customer service-corporate life, but Blaine infuses purpose in almost any menial task with a slogan like this.


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