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3rd Person

14 Jun

Always with the camera

Marlon Reynoso:

Business-Marketing major

(Legal) Drug salesman

Writer and expresser


Believer of Jesus Christ


Video game player

Art enthusiast

Pop-culture enthusiast

Appreciator of life


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So Yeah

22 Jan

“What direction? Death or action! Life begins at the intersection.”

- Jon Foreman in Faust, Midas and Myself

Have you ever been involved in a conversation where nothing else in the world mattered outside of the topic at hand?  You are subject to one of two places: you are the one expressing, or  you are being impressed.  Whether one is an introvert or extrovert, the reality is that people want to be “heard.”  There is a longing for one’s expression to not only be seen, heard, tasted, felt, or even smelled, but ultimately for it to be understood.

We live in a culture of complex simplicity where we have items and systems to “simplify” or make one’s life more “convenient,” but the saturation of simple lifestyle choices makes our lives, put simply, complex.

Moreover, think about the conversations we are involved in each day.  More than often, the main ingredient of the subject matter we converse of is based on our environment…literally. We talk about the weather. It is a common conversation starter.  ”It sure is pouring out there…”


Fade in? More conversation? Fade out? Leave the conversation?

Should one be fortunate to continue to speak or share more of their views of the world, morality, environment, people, religion, the local news, sports, entertainment, etc. the desire, as stated before, is to be “heard,” If you are the one who should be listening, chances are that you are already rehearsing your response.

Back and forth the conversation goes: you, the other, you, then another, the other, you, etc. As each one finishes expressing, a transition is required, and as the conversation reaches another intersection, a transition is required.  Then, as the conversation wraps up, a transition is required.  THIS is where life continues.  Here is where one hopes for a rebirth of perspective and painful paradigm shifting.  So we ease our way into the new light or back into our old comfortable illuminations with either a sigh, gestures of (dis)agreement or simple words of cultural vernacular: “…oh well…” “…but anyway…” “…so…” “…anyways…” or



-Marlon Reid.

Written December 7, 2009