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Treated Well

21 Jan

A la Dwight K. Schrute from NBC's The Office

The cake says it all, and the the justification is that I didn’t invent anything nor did I stop world hunger. It is my birthday so let’s just have cake.

We can eat it too. I’ve been learning to indulge just a little more thanks to my soon-to-be wife, Kristal. She likes to spoil me despite the fact that I don’t always know how to respond to acts of kindness.  Kristal will go out of her way to invite all of my closest friends to come celebrate…me. It sounds bizarre. I don’t know why she does it, but here’s how I’m learning to respond to her catering:

  • Give a definite “yes” or “no,” and don’t just shrug with indifference.

  • Be specific when asked for my preferences and likings

  • Go with the flow.

If it were up to me, I’d spend my birthday alone with my thoughts while lying on my bed staring at the ceiling. However, I am starting to realize that if she feels that I deserve this treatment then I better start going with it. There’s no point in fighting.

And I must say, it’s starting to feel pretty good.

Learning to Indulge


Squared Circles

28 Oct

The Donuttery in Huntington Beach is known for this blueberry amazingness along with its colorful friends like red velvet, strawberry, and pumpkin cake donuts all packed conveniently in a pink square box.

Words that come to tongue: moist, cakey, satisfied, regret, indulge


Manila Machine – Los Angeles

5 Jul

::We interrupt this Life Is… series to bring you…FOOD!::

Food entrepreneurs are hitting the streets of LA, redeeming the unappealing term “roach coach.”

That’s right: Los Angeles food trucks are currently the hottest thing around. The diversity of Los Angeles is reflected by the diversity of the types of food trucks out there. There’s a grilled cheese truck, a crepe truck, a weenie wagon, a Kogi truck (Korean BBQ tacos), kabobs, and the variety is endless!

Being a Filipino-American in Los Angeles, I have been craving for a Filipino food truck that hits the spot. Well to much relief and excitement, it emerged four weeks ago.


I’ve been following the Manila Machine on Twitter and finally encountered it this week at Good Samaritan Hospital off of the 110 freeway.

The great news is that both Filipino and non-Filipino customers were already lined up waiting for it to open! IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!

It’s only been three weeks, and word-of-mouth has been the Manila Machine’s greatest marketing. So here I write:


The menu has the basic Filipino foods done in a creative and contemporary way. For example you can order the famous Chicken Adobo with fried rice and green onion OR you can get it shredded with caramelized onions in a pan de sal roll with adobo dipping sauce! YUM :P

Enough with the writing… here’s a video of my experience. I hope it gets your taste buds going!

I cannot wait for my next encounter with The Manila Machine. I’m hoping that I can get an informative interview with manager and front-woman Nastassia Johnson to find out more about her passion for food and service. It wouldn’t be a surprise, however, if she’s so busy with an endless line of hungry customers. That’s a good problem right?!

I’m happy for the Manila Machine, and I wish it great success in feeding the L.A. community with unique, delicious food and hospitable customer service. This is a common trait among the Filipino culture. Once you have a taste of the Manila Machine experience, you’ll be speaking Tagalog saying:

MASARAP! (Delicious)!

WEB: www.manilamachine.com

Twitter: @manilamachine