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No Words

17 Mar

This past Sunday, while hanging out in the coffee shop at my church, I read to my peers the latest tweets from my Twitter feed regarding the tragedy in Japan. An elderly woman whom one can assume to be in her 60′s or 70′s listened intently as she hovered around us and mixed her sweeteners and cream into her brew. To our surprise, the elderly woman interjected with:

“Well they (Japan/the Japanese) deserve it after sneaking up on us 70 years ago at Pearl Harbor… This is what they get.”


Yes, it was silent for a several seconds with our mouths to the floor from the disbelief. It was like the “spirit of Pat Robertson” all over again.

Someone broke the silence with “I’m not even going to get into this right now,” trying to show self-control by diverting their attention to their cell phone.

I responded with a snowballing “Rrrreally?? Umm…This has NOTHING to do with anything that happened seventy years ago, and it’s actually quite tragic, and NO ONE deserves to be going through any of this right now…”

That’s all I could say as I found my voice rising, my vision blurring, my head and hands becoming hot, and my body inching towards the ignorance personified before me. My heart rate increased. My blood boiled, but I had to remember my place and behave rationally.

I was surprised that she didn’t bring God into the picture with us being at church and all. If she did, I probably would’ve ended up in prison…or on the news…not really…but yeah….no…

In situations like this elderly lady and her view on why Japan got what it “deserved,” it takes a lot to not jump down someone’s throat, fingernails first. I’m wondering what kind of ignorance is going on out there right now because when tragedy hits, people are so quick to point and blame, hindering help and healing. Though this situation still haunts me, reminding me of the mess Pat Robertson left last year his comments about Haiti, I know that I have forgiven her. It wasn’t easy. Heck, she’s set in her ways in her 60′s or 70′s, and who knows what she has experienced? She’s been corrected, and it’s between her and her Creator now.

I mean if you were in that coffee shop with me, what would you have done or said to her? Nothing? Anything?




22 Sep

Two shows that I fell in love with this past decade, well at least the first two seasons of each, were The WB’s Smallville and NBC’s Heroes. It is safe to say that what captivated me and my peers was not only the intriguing characters and relevant plot twists, but also the strive for these extraordinary people to live a normal family life.

For example in Smallville, Clark Kent, in his adolescence always counted on his earth family for values and difficult decisions in his life. In Heroes, Claire Bennet, the indestructible cheerleader played by Hayden Panettiere, had to deal with balancing out her high school experiences, her life’s purpose, and role in her family. Keep in mind that she’s just one of the many in that show that had to learn to keep the family together while having superhuman abilities.

So why did I disconnect after two (and a half) seasons? There are a few reasons I can say, but the underlying reason is that both shows slowly drifted away from the concept of family, and the struggle that comes with keeping harmony in the family. Smallville started to jump on the “Sex Sell” bandwagon and also introduced cheesy superhero costumes, and Heroes went in a million directions with their character development, failing to tie loose ends.

I’m looking forward to next Tuesday as ABC is premiering a new series about a family of super heroes where the focus of the show is to stress the importance of…yes that’s right…FAMILY. While the definition of family has changed over the years, I’m glad there are still writers out there instilling its value.
Here’s the pilot trailer for ABC’s No Ordinary Family:

I’m hoping this show doesn’t deviate too far from its original intent.

I have always been a huge fan of 80′s and 90′s family sitcoms like The Cosby Show, Growing Pains, Full House, Family Matters, Home Improvement, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and the like. These shows had substance and humor, and they brought up everyday family conflict that empathized with kids and adults across America. I have to admit that it was tough to sit through some of the sappy piano moments when the apologies and regret were thrown around, but in reality, I believe that’s what everyone strives for in their lives especially in their family:¬†harmony.

REAL QUICK: Though I gave up during season 3 and 4, I’m happy to know that they’re finally putting an end to Smallville this 10th season (that’s right: 10th), but Heroes didn’t even get a proper burial. NBC just cancelled the show after last season (It’s 4th I believe).

Strawberry Swingin’

5 Aug

It’s the details

…and the harmony

…that put us on top of the world.

Fact has it that there is a not-so-secret society among us, a society that is not exclusive, and everyone wants in. Within this group, people have a sense of greatness along with their peers across the globe whom they have never met. I’m not referring to the whispered conspiracies of the free masons or illuminati. The members of this not-so-secret society are both poor and wealthy, and they have resources for each other that can pull each other through tight binds, criticism, and adversity; resources like hope, encouragement, empathy, laughter, tears, and heck…money too. What is the main component that ties these people together? Appreciation…for life, each other, and even God. This appreciation drives joy (and not just happiness) through the roads of their lives. It also fuels the hope for each day they start and finish.

Another featured trait among these people is their attention to effort and detail, the little enhancements that can make life grand. As depicted above, adding a little extra zest to some stock sparkling cider turns a table of “commoners” into a banquet of kings and queens. Does that imply looking down upon others? By no means. While I can try to articulate it in my own words, I believe¬†Coldplay does it so much better with theirs:

People moving all the time inside a perfect straight line
Don’t you wanna curve away?
It’s such it’s such a perfect day, it’s such a perfect day

Strawberry Swing by Coldplay

Whether you’re escaping, conquering, laughing, or crying, there are others right there along with you. Together we push forward, putting in the effort to survive these harsh winters and dry seasons. Globally, we’re non-exclusive, and we differentiate ourselves for the better by being present and encouraging each other. We don’t need all of the money and power in the world to be at the top. We’re on top of the world because of God and each other. We are blessed, “strawberry swingin’” with world-class status.

Now raise your glasses!