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21 Jan


With the 300+ days ahead of us, 2012 was looking steep
And so we hiked the first day of it to symbolize our conquest
Our thighs burned the calories and regrets
As we obliged to fix our eyes on the task before us
Putting one foot in front of the other; step high
Who needs resolutions when you have accountability? You and I
We are at the top already; Euphoria is the name of our city
It’s where our days are bright though the sun is hidden
It’s where we inscribe
Our dreams, our futures given another try
Full of hope
We do this together.


so yeah…


8 Jun

After an inspiring conversation with a co-worker about the excitement of fiction novels, I decided to stop by my local library. Every time I walk into a library, I’m immediately taken back to my school days as a child and high-school student. The smell of old books and worn-out wooden bookshelves and tables recall images of learning how to use a card catalog as we did not have computer databases to search for our book of choice. I remember not wanting to walk to the deep ends of the library in fear that the opening scene of Ghostbusters just might happen. I also remember how my mother raised me to habitually be in a learning environment like the library.

I wonder if parents still encourage such behavior. I wonder if the library is still relevant to our society. Mostly, I wonder what would happen if the library actually ceased to exist in my hometown.

Today, my local library has cut its hours of availability and operation due to lack of funding. It seems that almost every year, there is a proposition or local legislation act to either shut the library down or keep it alive.

I walked out of the library thinking of Ray Bradbury’s novel Farenheit 451. Ok…Maybe we’ll never see our world to be as post-literature as what Bradbury wrote in his novel, but I have to ask questions like:

With all of the digital technology, will we eventually become a society that makes books obsolete? What would become of the books in all the the libraries that do close down? Do they burn these at 451 degrees Fahrenheit along with all of the knowledge in them?

But we have digital books and e-readers now! Right?!

Hmm..Sometimes the words “digital” and “virtual” cause me to forget about what is tangible and actual. For example, how often do people print their pictures from a digital camera. It’s normally just uploaded onto a computer, never to actually be printed and held.

I could have easily found the book on the internet, but I wanted the experience of going into the library and searching with my own eyes and hands. It could have been for nostalgic reasons or even to save money, but I look forward to the experience of searching, finding, and actually touching. It renews a sense of reality. A sense of accomplishment.

All to say, I hope the library stays open so that adults can remember their experiences, and that their kids can grow in the same learning environment.



Another Year

31 Dec

“Everything happens for a reason.”

Hmmm. Based on my experiences this year, I’d say that some things happen for a reason, but not all things.

There are certain things in life that may never be explained or comprehended, leaving humanity always asking “Why?”

But in the question lies the quest, and in that quest is a hope. We strive for redemption, a new chance at things; a new outlook. We keep striving.

Though 2010 was tough for many of us with a lack of work, health, relationships, we have all experience growth in one way or another.

So I challenge you to reflect on the year, and be honest with yourself on how much you have learned about yourself and others. You are still here, surviving and making headway to reason and purpose.

So here’s to another year, 2011. Things happen for a reason, most you have control over and some you don’t. Let’s take advantage of the things we have control over and make the most of them. CHEERS!

Life Is…Not A Female Dog

16 Jul

But people say the opposite.

You’ve heard it. “Life’s a b****. Then You Die.”

Agree? Disagree?

There are times in life when you just can’t catch a break. Lately, I’ve been in the doldrums where it’s easy to play the victim. Here in this slump, I’ve found it very convenient to judge others, point fingers, and isolate myself for too long of a time. Motivation and inspiration are put on the back burner, and the hot weather this time of year keeps me indoors with the A/C blasting, cocooned in indifference. Needful to say, I’m bogged down by lies and presumptions. It’s all in my head.

If I were a celebrity, I’d g…



In the midst of my writing about how life may be filled with one depressing thing after another, my brother comes in from the peculiar, 100-degree stormy weather outside and says “There’s a full rainbow outside.” I got up to capture such a rare moment:

I didn’t notice the second rainbow until I uploaded the photo onto my computer.


I was originally going to show you a video from BBC Earth’s Life series about these Komodo Dragons that bite the ankles of animals. These dragons then follow the animal around for days waiting for the venomous bite to weaken their prey. When the poison kicks in, the prey drops, and the dragons feast. I was also going to write about how celebrity deaths are so tragic, but no one seems to note how the media and we the public bite the ankles of these celebrities so much, they just give up on life. Symbolic in a way, yes.

But after seeing that rainbow today, I was reminded of promises and encouraging words that were spoken to me throughout my life and the priceless support system of my friends and family that back up those promises and encouraging words. That rainbow was exactly what I needed to see in these oddly weathered days of mine: color in the grey; vividness in the dullness.

So while others can look at me and say “Life’s a bi…” (well you know), I can say “Yeah maybe for a bit, but I have a hope that keeps me going.” While there are times I can express that life may seem unfair or merciless, I’m reminded of this quote by the famous Chicago columnist, Sydney J. Harris:

When I hear someone say ‘Life is hard,’ I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?’

Sydney J. Harris

Maybe you’re still looking for your rainbow, your sign of hope, or you need to be reminded of the good things about your life, and yes, there are such things about your life. My burden is that you realize the hope among us and how it keeps our fibers meshed preventing a total meltdown. What’s great about Life Is… is that life is. Again, you’re still here. This series is ending, and today’s a new start. We can all hope that tomorrow will be better. Be.

Life Is…Full of Traps

25 Jun

Life is very temperamental. You know: moody, sensitive, unpredictable.

Sometimes we can be enjoying the sweetness of life, stay in the sweetness too long, and then…BOOM! Blindsided by a harsh reality. I’m reminded of addictions that consume purpose and joy.

I’m also reminded of ignorance, a running away from problems never intended to be solved. When people find themselves in a hole they ask “How did this happen?”

The sensitive venus flytrap also reminds me of people who just snap at you for no apparent reason. There are short-fused people with tempers, and on the other side there are people who have been victimized by the actions of tempers; both sides, robbed of joy.

BBC Earth’s series Life can illustrate how quickly the walls can close in on you.

While life is full of traps, it is also full of hope. We may not notice it, but it’s true.

If you’ve been going through an awkward or uncomfortable transition in your life like I have been lately, I have no deep words or formula for you or myself.  All I can say is “have hope” and “keep going.” I understand that each of us are different when it comes to recovering, healing, and barreling through tough times. So do what you have to do.

Lastly, they say that “Time heals,” and “Sorrow may last through the night, but joy comes in the morning.” I believe these words because I’ve experienced them. So I hold on to them.

I hope you’re still holding on too. You’re not alone.

Tomorrow’s a new day.