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Black Friday

1 Dec

With no partner to tag and plan, I refused to go solo in the late night Black Friday madness this year. Despite, the change of tradition, I still found a way to drive myself to the point of exhaustion and delirium with the ones I love.

12:00am: Did some damage on Amazon.com SHOPPIN’! but mostly for gifts…

1:30 am: Sleep.

7:30am: Drove up to a Target store not knowing what to expect. The store was empty, and all the Black Friday deals I needed wanted were still around. WOO!

9:00am: Picked up Kristal and met up with some friends at Millennium Dance Complex in Hollywood, namely Ferly Prado and Manny Streetz.

11:00am: After dancing, Kristal and I decided to do some shopping at the Bev Center in Beverly Hills.

As soon as we were about to grab some lunch, Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe was playing in mall, and we were “surprised” to see Manny again…and well…


It’s crazy how a flash mob can just drag you in like a whirlpool. I mean…why fight it when you could just be a part of the movement? Plus you’ll end up on all the Justin Bieber fansites ;)

I am thankful for Manny, Kristal, and Ferly dreaming up big and for the friends and fam who came down to support and document the whole thing.

Famished, we eventually got lunch, but no shopping done for ourselves. Thankful for this!

The rest of my Black Friday was a blur with the exception of the time spent with close friends, including my hilarious old friends at the theater, The Muppets. If I had some wheel of morality to spin, it would land on “The most memorable times in life are spent with the ones you love most regardless of what you’re doing…blah blah blah…”





Stage Fright: Me

16 Mar

SO YEAH…These were my initial thoughts that I had written on the subject of Stage Fright when I first sat down to brainstorm about this series. These lines began to surface as I related elements of life and performing. It all somehow came to this. It’s also a look at my thought process.

Thanks to Mike Wofford for producing the track, Ronald Suk for directing, and Janet E. Esposito for writing a life-changing book.

Stage Fright from So Yeah on Vimeo.

The stage is set
People are waiting
Time to be real in a world of actors
Performing life or just passing by
It’s a hyped up show
Anticipation for the sake of passing time
Where are we going with this?
Conversation material to materialize?
Stimulate their senses
Eyes, ears, hear, and mind
Detachment vs Engagement
You vs Them
Who’s your real audience?
Be honest
Premature self-evaluation can kill the sense of passion and basis
Fear: Volunteered or obligated?
Put on the spot
In the spotlight
Step up to the mic
Cheeks red
Skin pale white
Cotton mouth chokehold
A deep breath
For momentum to take flight
You can do this
Prove ‘em wrong
Leave ‘em stunned
The stage is set
This is your life

(to be continued)