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21 Jan


With the 300+ days ahead of us, 2012 was looking steep
And so we hiked the first day of it to symbolize our conquest
Our thighs burned the calories and regrets
As we obliged to fix our eyes on the task before us
Putting one foot in front of the other; step high
Who needs resolutions when you have accountability? You and I
We are at the top already; Euphoria is the name of our city
It’s where our days are bright though the sun is hidden
It’s where we inscribe
Our dreams, our futures given another try
Full of hope
We do this together.


so yeah…

15 Minutes

6 Jan

Fifteen minutes.

Do you know how many unproductive things I can do in that time? First, there’s my DVR box full of TV shows to be watched (or deleted). There’s also my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feed that can be compulsively refreshed every other minute. Lastly, I usually drag my feet long enough heading to the gym just to convince myself that my body needs a nap more than it needs the exercise; nap wins.

Committing fifteen minutes a day to sit down and write is not going to be easy. No, it’s not a New Year’s resolution but more of an ongoing conviction that won’t leave my Twitter feed. I have been inspired by this tweet from writer Jeff Goins and his blog about not making resolutions but rather “resolve” to reach my goals. Jeff, makes it fairly simple to develop a good habits as a writer, but these three “rules” are generally applicable to anyone who wants to excel in their craft:

  1. Set aside at least fifteen minutes to practice, write, etc.

  2. Show up to do it.

  3. Give yourself grace, and don’t be so hard on yourself.

Three steps seems simple enough. It’s not some crazy crash diet, nor is it some insane workout regimen. Though I haven’t been posting every day, I have been writing for at least fifteen minutes either on my phone, journal, or computer, and I’ve never felt more productive this whole year. Yes, it has only been six days; I am aware.

so yeah….

How have your resolutions been holding up so far?

Channel Surfing

5 Nov


DVR technology and an ongoing break from Facebook has freed up more time for me to get into some good intentional reading for personal development.


Let Justice Roll Down by John M. Perkins: A true civil rights story about redemption and forgiveness.

Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs: Two of the most practical yet overlooked concepts for any relationship. If I could only afford to buy this book for everyone I know who is in a serious relationship or is seeking to understand one…

Wooden: On Leadership by John Wooden and Steve Jamison: The winningest coach in college basketball shares applicable leadership qualities that all start with a foundation of “good habits.”

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield: Fighting the resistance that is keeping you from doing what you have already envisioned. You don’t need more inspiration or more time. Just do it.

The goal is to finish these books before Christmas in addition to reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

It looks I’ll have plenty to share for those “White Elephant Gift” parties during the holidays.

At least I will be paying forward enriching substance and not all trash on the Internet and TV.

Haiku: Music

8 Jun


:Three haiku poems in 5-7-5 syllable format:

*Black Eyed Peas hip-hop
Goodbye to this style from them
Black Eyed Peas went POP

*Get drunk, high and rich
Lose your mind and innocence
-Our music today

*Art is always hard
Set back by conflict within
Express then progress



Back to Life

8 Jun

How fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes
I struggle to find any truth in your lies
And now my heart stumbles on things I don’t know
This weakness I feel I must finally show

Awake My Soul – Mumford & Sons

I blame my job.

Lately, focusing on anything creative seems impossible, and it’s downright depressing when I compare my creative output now to how expressive I was during my unemployment stint last year.

It’s a wonderful job though, and I should never complain.

White collar? Yes.

Medical? Yes.

The perks? Goodness!

It’s not like my job is 24/7. I’d say it’s more like 12/6, and it’s hard for me to be intentional with my writing. At the end of my work days, I’m exhausted and just want to numb my brain with TV or online social networks.

So yeah…This two month drought of blogging, writing, and vlogging has been a perpetual guilt trip in my gut for a few reasons.

  1. I feel like I’ve lost “it.” “It” being anything such as profound insight, sound reasoning, or  creative expression.
  2. This leads into a “I have nothing valuable to share so my life must be so…boring” self-evaluation.
  3. Which concludes the overall opinion about myself “The messenger is dead.” Well not dead, probably just sleepy or slothful. No. wait. Here’s one: APATHETIC.

Solution? Awake the messenger, and revitalize him.

But how?

  • Remind him of the things he’s passionate.
  • Tell him to be himself. People will ridicule, disagree, or treasure, but that shouldn’t make him shy away.
  • Also, tell him to surround himself with wise and creative counsel. Prolonged isolation can be dangerous.
  • Sit down and be proactively express.
  • Share this blog post…



Another Year

31 Dec

“Everything happens for a reason.”

Hmmm. Based on my experiences this year, I’d say that some things happen for a reason, but not all things.

There are certain things in life that may never be explained or comprehended, leaving humanity always asking “Why?”

But in the question lies the quest, and in that quest is a hope. We strive for redemption, a new chance at things; a new outlook. We keep striving.

Though 2010 was tough for many of us with a lack of work, health, relationships, we have all experience growth in one way or another.

So I challenge you to reflect on the year, and be honest with yourself on how much you have learned about yourself and others. You are still here, surviving and making headway to reason and purpose.

So here’s to another year, 2011. Things happen for a reason, most you have control over and some you don’t. Let’s take advantage of the things we have control over and make the most of them. CHEERS!

Stage Fright: Overcoming (A little goes a long way)

23 Mar

Overcoming “Stage Fright” doesn’t always require drastic leaps of action.  Most times all it takes is one small task for you to get the ball rolling: make a phone call, share your vision with someone who’d support you, ask an honest question for an honest answer, or just write something down.  This creates what most people are scared of: accountability. Don’t let the accountability stop you. Let it fuel you.  This is how potential turns kinetic!  This.Is.Progress.  Believe it or not, people want to see you succeed.   Imagine how much more they’d back you, when honesty is involved in the process. You have value in what you bring. How much are you willing to believe in it so others will too? You can do this.

If you can make it this far, you have already done more than most people.

"Stage Fright" drawn by Randy Robledo

so yeah…