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29 Jul

This is my spoken word about most (not all) of today’s pop music.

Almost all of it sounds the same. Almost none of it is fruitful. 
In December 2009, I came up with the idea, wrote some lines, and then moved on in my writing journal. I then wrote the “original” version in Spring 2010 as inspiration from the profound music of Paper Route. I was even able to recite the very first version in front of a couple of the Paper Route band members.
As I was reviewing my writing journal a few days ago, I came upon what I had written in December. It fit perfectly as the beginning to the original version.
So I put the two together and recited it publicly for the first time this week in Covina Park.  (The camera was too far to tell, but Mike (guitarist) and I both coincidentally wore Paper Route shirts. I’m also rocking my red PR wristband). I <3 Paper Route.

or watch it on Vimeo in full resolution.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a hater. It’s just that “I need good moral fiber for a spiritual bowel movement.”

“Sacred Art”

26 Apr

What’s your inspiration? What’s your expression outlet? You are the product of creativity and purpose. Continue the cycle by being creative and purposeful.

Here’s a poem I wrote about how our passions have been instilled in us and are supposed to make us who we are meant to be when we express them and live them out. God knows our hearts.

Written October 2008.
Expressed April 25, 2010.

inspired by the phrase “Sing us a song, and we’ll sing it back to you.” by Paramore