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Twitter Text Ten

24 Mar

It was just two weeks ago when every news source, media outlet, and social network had Japan in its headlines and ticker. I can already feel the level of urgency to help Japan dwindle as we get caught in the whirlpool of other world affairs and entertainment scandals.

As I’ve been using Twitter as a news source for the latest headlines and opinions, these are the tweets of others that impacted me the most in regards to the crises in Japan, urging me to support and continually pray for Japan.

Private Profile
Modern technology allows us to be exposed to suffering all over the world; may our generation, in turn, become the most compassionate. (March 13)

Jason Pollock @Jason_Pollock Japan is already out of the trending topics. It’s amazing how short our society’s attention span has become. #DonateJapan (March 15)

Japan Photos @JapanPhotos DO NOT send money to Christian charities for Japan earthquake. We need blankets and food, not boxes of bibles & Fundamentalist propaganda. (March 11)

When I first read the tweet from @JapanPhotos, I was offended, but then I just had to shake my head and laugh in absurdity. Yes, though I am a Christian, sadly a lot of religious organizations exploit situations like these and waste resources while people are in need. So I’ll just leave it at that.

I’ve marked these tweets as “favorites” as reminders that Japan and many other countries are in need of prayer and support, and it doesn’t take much out of us to help.

We have so much here in America, and our resources are so accessible with today’s technology.

If you text often, here are a couple of easy ways you can still contribute


1) Text REDCROSS to 90999 to Give $10
Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami

2) Text TSUNAMI to 50555 to donate $10 to Convoy of Hope’s Disaster Response Efforts

It takes less than a minute and costs little compared to what we spend on entertainment in a week.

So if you’ve already given to another organization or are planning to give then that’s great! If you’ve been meaning to get around to it, but need some direction, here’s your chance!

Just follow the directions above (and below).





No Words

17 Mar

This past Sunday, while hanging out in the coffee shop at my church, I read to my peers the latest tweets from my Twitter feed regarding the tragedy in Japan. An elderly woman whom one can assume to be in her 60′s or 70′s listened intently as she hovered around us and mixed her sweeteners and cream into her brew. To our surprise, the elderly woman interjected with:

“Well they (Japan/the Japanese) deserve it after sneaking up on us 70 years ago at Pearl Harbor… This is what they get.”


Yes, it was silent for a several seconds with our mouths to the floor from the disbelief. It was like the “spirit of Pat Robertson” all over again.

Someone broke the silence with “I’m not even going to get into this right now,” trying to show self-control by diverting their attention to their cell phone.

I responded with a snowballing “Rrrreally?? Umm…This has NOTHING to do with anything that happened seventy years ago, and it’s actually quite tragic, and NO ONE deserves to be going through any of this right now…”

That’s all I could say as I found my voice rising, my vision blurring, my head and hands becoming hot, and my body inching towards the ignorance personified before me. My heart rate increased. My blood boiled, but I had to remember my place and behave rationally.

I was surprised that she didn’t bring God into the picture with us being at church and all. If she did, I probably would’ve ended up in prison…or on the news…not really…but yeah….no…

In situations like this elderly lady and her view on why Japan got what it “deserved,” it takes a lot to not jump down someone’s throat, fingernails first. I’m wondering what kind of ignorance is going on out there right now because when tragedy hits, people are so quick to point and blame, hindering help and healing. Though this situation still haunts me, reminding me of the mess Pat Robertson left last year his comments about Haiti, I know that I have forgiven her. It wasn’t easy. Heck, she’s set in her ways in her 60′s or 70′s, and who knows what she has experienced? She’s been corrected, and it’s between her and her Creator now.

I mean if you were in that coffee shop with me, what would you have done or said to her? Nothing? Anything?




9 Sep

So it’s been a three week dry spell for a new post on the ol’ so yeah dot net bloggy-poo. I’ll have to be honest, there were times when I just forgot about my blog, and yeah, I had stuff I could’ve written about, but I forgot about my blog altogether as an outlet. Another reason why I haven’t written in a bit is because I have been reading other “How To Blog,” blogs, and my mind was fried in a frenzy. Most blogs said “write short entries,” others said “longer entries are for the more intelligent, etc., etc., blah blah blah…

Which pretty much just led me to tweet more. Nowadays, I’ve been wanting to lean toward shorter journal entries as I am programmed to keep character count under 140. Pretty lame. I know. THANKS A LOT, TWITTER :sarcasm: Now I’m reminded about the earlier versions of Facebook, and how status updates were limited to a certain amount of characters and even the words “John/Jane Doe is…” Remember those days? Now that’s pretty confined. So blitz blogging isn’t all because of Twitter.

I remember a conversation that I had with a Twitter skeptic that went something like this:

Skeptic: Twitter is stupid. No one knows cares about what you’re doing or what you’re thinking.

Me: Well would you have Twitter if all of your friends were on it?

Skeptic: Hmm…probably

Me: Do you ever update your status on Facebook?

Skeptic: Yeah.

Me: Isn’t that the same thing? People post what they’re doing and what they’re thinking almost all the time. I wish I could respond with “No one cares,” but in reality some people care. So Twitter isn’t as stupid, it’s just more challenging to build a network. Also, it’s not all about networking…

Overall, I enjoy writing, and I hope you love reading. My future blog entries will continue to range from elaborate to straightforward.

I still tweet. Keeping things under 140 characters has it’s advantages and disadvantages. The challenge is adjusting and not being too ignorant to a changing society, while holding on to key constants.

What about you?

  • Are you on Twitter?
  • What’s your reason?
  • How often do you update your status on Facebook?
  • Is it your primary outlet, or do you have another outlet where you can safely express?

I am sincerely interested to know…in more than 140 characters of course.

Search Offline…

22 May

…because we’re so used to searching online. Searching for something that we don’t even know we’re searching for. Half the time, we’re looking for connections and entertainment, and blindly we lose touch of what we’re supposed to be doing, whatever that is. To me, it’s building relationships, constantly learning for the sake of others.

Trust me when I say that I’m on no high-horse. I hate heights, and I probably suck at controlling such a beast figuratively speaking. Every day, however, I do rack my brain and configure my heart to live a selfless life for the sake of others. That’s what I value.